Frequently Asked Questions

Lennar Foundation Medical Center

Who do I contact regarding facilities issues or questions about the Lennar Foundation Medical Center?

This faciliity is managed by the University of Miami Medical Campus Physical Plant. Please click here for Lennar information

Coral Gables Campus FAQs:

Emergency Situations

Who do I call about elevator issues, power outages, water floods, fire alarms, etc?

For Coral Gables Contact Facilities Work Control ASAP at 305-284-8282

For RSMAS Contact the Facilities Service Center ASAP at 800-227-0354

Dorm Rooms

My window is cracked/broken. How do I get it replaced?

Place a service request here to report the issue

Can I paint my dorm a different color?

For any room painting inquiries please contact your building front desk

There is mold growing in the bathroom, can someone come clean it?

No, you are responsible for all housekeeping in your bathroom

I lost my keys, sweater, etc. Do you oversee Lost and Found?

No, please contact either your building front desk or UMPD

Can I borrow a ladder/drill/hammer/screw drive/extension cord?

No, we do not provide extension cords, or loan out tools. For rental or purchase please contact a local vendor.

General Questions

How do I pay for my work order?

Routine maintenance/repairs are free of charge. All other (non-routine) work is generally billable. For details view our list of billable and non-billable work.

If I request an estimate/quote will there be a charge?

Yes, there will be a small charge when providing quotes or estimates.

Who do I contact to discuss charges to my account?

Please send all billing or account questions to our Financial Services team.

Can I hire a contractor to perform work in my office?

All contractor support must be coordinated through Facilities Management. All contract work must follow Coral Gables code requirements.

I dropped my cane card down the elevator. Can you retrieve it?

Yes, if the request for this service is placed on a weekend or after 4:00 PM on a weekday the items will be retrieved the following morning and delivered to the front desk of your building.


Can facilities cut my bike lock?
For bike lock issues contact UMPD at 305-284-6666
Can facilities cut a lock on my personal items?
No, please contact a local locksmith for this service
I am a student and my keys were lost/stolen. can you replace them?
Yes, but requests must be made through the front desk of your building
I am a faculty/staff member and my keys were lost/stolen. Can you replace them?
Yes, please place your request via the service request.
I am locked out of a building or accidentally left my keys in my office/room. Can you let me in?
No, Facilities cannot provide this service - please contact UMPD at 305-284-6666

Moving and Surplus

What do I do if I need assistance moving?

Place a service request online and provide area when items area, area where they must be relocated, and an account number.

What do I do if I need to send something to Surplus?

Please following the instructions provided on our Moving and Surplus page

What should I do when I want to dispose of media devices or electronic waste?

Please following the instructions provided on our Moving and Surplus page

Pest Control

I found roaches, ants, etc. in my office or dorm. Can you fumigate?
Yes, please report this issue as a service request and we will have our pest control specialist out to address the issue
There is a lizard/frog in my room. Can you catch/kill it?
No, these are considered harmless and a natural part of the South Florida ecosystem - we do not provide assistance in removing them.